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Another Glorious Victory: Students from NJAU Winning at 2016 IFAMA Contest

October 30, 2018

The 26th International Food and Agribusiness Association (IFAMA) Annual Forum and Symposium was held at Aarhus University, Denmark from June 19 through 23. Two teams made up of eight students from College of Economics and Management at Nanjing  Agricultural University, under the supervision of Professor Cai Zhongzhou, and Associate Professor Zhu Zhanguo, participated in the case contest, and the team of Wang Yue, Liu Changyu, Chen Ruiqian and Yang Jing made it again to the finals and won the second place.

This is another time of glorious victory won by College of Economics and Management which, after a successive winning in the 2012 and 2013, assembled once more a marvelous team for the expedition of IFAMA case contest in Europe, competing with twenty five teams from internationally renowned universities around six continents, including Purdue University, Texas A&M University, Michigan State University, and University of Quelph, Canada.     

 College  of Economics and Management had been preparing fully for the contest ever since last September, selecting eight candidates among the nearly one hundred contestants who were provided with supervisors and went through four rounds of competitions. Divided into two teams, the candidates were trained and supervised by Professor Cai and Zhu.  After three months of training of high intensity, broad discipline, and deep level, they finally broke into the finals and won the second prize. Ours was the only Asian team in this contest that made it to the finals as well as a rare case in the history of IMAFA case contest that manages to be in the finals in every time of its participation. Students from Nanjing Agricultural University once again demonstrated their solid level of expertise and outstanding comprehensive qualities in the presence of colleagues and peers in global food and agricultural enterprises as well as academics, and gained considerable international reputation for our university.